Rollup WebCenter Site(Fatwire) to 7.6

有个客户很羡慕传说中WebCenter Site的功能,准备在一项目在使用这产品。为了能评估工作量加上不被各色人等忽悠,只能自己装一次评估。在eDelivery上下载了安装程序,真坑爹,一点都不象以前O记的产品,居然安装说明的文档都没有。在Weblogic上安装,以手工部署的方式很顺利就完成了应用的安装,但在升级到7.6时就卡住了,测试时出现以下错误:

HelloCS has failed.
Ping DB has failed.
DB Permissions has failed. 

在服务器启动时报Caused By: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field
org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder.SINGLETON from class



两天的试用,觉得O记要完全实现Fatwire与Webcenter Content整合明显需要一段时间。拿这玩意来做外网应用的还是值得探讨的。

Not so good

  • Some of the basic changes within the implementation requires quite a lot of work. A good example is vanity URLs. Most of the clients now a days have this basic requirement especially around blobs but there is none out of the box URL assembler available
  • Deployment is one of the most painful area. Even with CSDT, which is just the recent addition to product, there are many area’s which it lacks. The basic use cases are not covered by CSDT
  • With CS 761, there are headless installs which is welcome change through if you are upgrading to CS 761 from version below CS 75 there is no other way apart from GUI based installers
  • Product customisation is one of the pain area’s. There is no concept of extending the existing elements into your project elements and apply changes. Which means each time you run an upgrade, there is an activity to reapply all the changes again which makes upgrades sooo much error prone and time consuming
  • CS Engage, for providing personalised content, has never been an easy product to work with and get your head around it
  • There are number of modules on top of core content server but its been utilised scarcely across the globe and tough to find a single case study when in need
  • Rollbacks are still is old 90′s fashion way of taking file system and database dump and restoring them back. Cold dumps needs to be taken to get an exact snapshot of the system at that point in time
  • Lots of documentation is there but they cover basic information and for anything beyond basic changes require folow-up on yahoo groups or through support
  • Support centre has not been supportive. It sometimes feel, just to meet their SLA’s, there are responses which doesn’t even relate back to the actual query
  • etc. etc.
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